BritRail Passes

Planning Your Trip

See details on the ways to connect from UK airports to train stations including express trains,  shuttle buses, underground  and taxis.

There are many ways to travel to and within the UK  by Sea. We have detailed some of the most popular Ferry services with connections to train stations.

Most of Great Britain’s most popular attractions are easily reached by rail. However, the names of the stations don’t always match your destination. Listed below are some destinations with the names of the closest rail stations:

Planning Your Trip

A BritRail Pass gives you the freedom to travel as you please. If your objective is to come back home with a unique travel experience, just the one that reflects your personality, then the BritRail Pass is a must. It will open a world of British scenic discovery in a very affordable and flexible fashion.

Suggested Short Trips from Hub Cities

A great way to see Britain, and make the most of your BritRail Pass, is by using one of several cities as your hub. There are many beautiful and interesting cities that are both destinations in their own right and serve as excellent bases for day trips. The fast and frequent ‘go as you please’ BritRail network makes this travel strategy both possible and practical.

Scenic Rail Routes in Britain- a Must See!

Take in Britain’s beauty from the comfort of your seat! There are many rail lines in Britain worth the trip just for the scenery. To fully enjoy them, all should be traversed in daylight hours. Remember, during the summer in the north of England and Scotland daylight ends around 10 PM, which gives you extra hours for touring!

BritRail Low Season Discount

BritRail offers great discounts to suit all types of travelers, including amazing savings for seniors, youths, families, groups and more! Learn more about big savings

Travel during the months of January, February, November or December and receive up to 20% off the regular Pass price.

When traveling with a Rail Pass you will enjoy the flexibility of hopping on any train throughout Britain’s National Rail Network. To accommodate this spontaneous travel style, seat reservations aren’t required so you can take any available seat on the train of your choice. 

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