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Carbon Free

Go Green - Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Train Travel

Your choice of transportation greatly affects the environment and that’s why BritRail is helping make the decision an easy and green one. With topics such as energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and environmental projects on the top of many agendas, train companies are helping lead the way to greener travel solutions.

Rail systems already emit significantly fewer greenhouse gasses than aviation and road transport, making them a greener alternative to short-haul flights, but they continue to evaluate the impact of their activities. Train initiatives which highlight improvements in the travel sector include the award winning sulphur free diesel program in Britian in 2006, the use of regenerative braking and practicing “Eco-Driving” lessons.

Green Train Facts:

  • Trains emit approximately 50% less harmful Green House gases per passenger kilometer than cars
  • A train will emit only ¼ of the gases compared to a plane traveling the same distance
  • The energy saved by Regenerative Braking technology is enough to provide power to 11,825 homes for a year or to brew 2.6 billion cups of tea
  • If UK internal flights were to be made by train instead, by 2015 between 118,000 “ 362,000 tons of carbon and 18,000 “ 58,000 tons of nitrogen oxides emissions could be avoided
  • Over the past 10 years, British train companies have reduced their average emission per passenger kilometer by approximately 22%.