BritRail Passes

North of England Rover Pass

Discover the cultural offerings of Hull, Leeds, Manchester or Liverpool. With an abundance of festivals, galleries, exhibitions and events happening, there’s no shortage of entertainment. The North of England Rover 4 in 8 day pass grants you 4 days of unlimited travel throughout the 8 day duration allowing you to explore each city at your own pace.

Where can this passed be used?
  • Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Manchester Airport. It is valid on TransPennine Express services only.
When can this pass be used?
  • This pass can be used for any 4 days of travel within the 8 day duration of the pass. It is valid on TransPennine Express services Monday to Friday starting at 9:30 am and anytime Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.
  • The North of England Rover Pass is available to all.
Pre-booking time
  • The pass will need to be validated before the first journey on that date it commences.
Seat Reservations
  • A seat reservation is optional but recommended in order to guarantee a seat on a specific train and time. Reserve a seat.

Note: Passengers who wish to upgrade a Standard Class BritRail Pass to First Class will need to pay the difference in excess between the Standard and First Class Ordinary Fare for the leg of the journey that has not been taken. This may be paid at the ticket office before boarding the train or to the ticket inspector on the train.